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MoviiRed Colombia - Bamboo's investment in Moviired is paying off for the COVID response

One of the investments made by Bamboo Capital Partners was in MoviiRed, a commercial network with a broad portfolio of transactional services that facilitates the lives of Colombians by offering financial and technological inclusion. In Colombia, as a result of the pandemic, there was an economic setback that affected citizens and merchants; MoviiRed was key in this situation, as it became the bridge for people subsidized by the government to receive financial aid in the most practical way possible; with this great project in Kaleidoscope we were witnesses and participants of the experiences that users live with the use of the application and the card created by MoviiRed, which allows transactions and purchases both physically and digitally. Kaleidoscope is pleased to participate in projects that help improve the quality of life of people in adverse situations such as the pandemic, work done by MoviiRed hand in hand with Bamboo to achieve true financial inclusion in Colombia.


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