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GAWA Capital - Reporte de impacto

The client

GAWA Capital is a European impact investment management firm committed to supporting positive social and environmental impact while generating financial returns for investors. With more than 14 years of experience and EUR 220 million in assets under management through four funds, GAWA is the largest impact fund manager in Spain.

The project

In this project, we used the development of the first impact report as a reflection exercise to understand the concepts and ideas that identify the fund and represent them graphically. We sought to convey the values of "handmade", tailor-made, human, organic and natural through a graphic design that reflects these attributes.

The concepts

Since the fund's inception, there has always been a fascination and reverence for African culture, its symbolisms and meanings. For the graphic development, we conducted a research exercise that allowed us to define some aesthetic features of this culture and use them as inspiration to create a system of icons to identify the different concepts that are part of the background.

Finally, we would like to thank the GAWA team, especially Luca, Agustín, Marta and José, for their time and dedication to this project. The joint work of both teams allowed us to develop the concepts that were reflected in the impact report, of which we are very proud and which is part of a first step for new projects where we will extend this new image and iconography to the redesign and evolution of other communication channels such as social networks and the website.


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