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ABC Fund - Branding

Founded with the objective of investing in small farmers and small and medium rural enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries, The ABC Fund relied on kaleidoscope for the development of its graphic brand and the basis of its communication.

In this project we had the opportunity to work one on one with Marie Puaux (Impact Associate at Bamboo Capital Partners and for the ABC Fund), Emanuele Santi (Fund Manager at Bamboo Capital Partners and for the ABC Fund) and the rest of the team to understand the origin of the fund, its principles and ideals and to build together a graphic brand that encapsulated all of this. A brand that would bring together and inspire the entire team around their common goals and values.

Our work

In order to understand the project and the team behind it, kaleidoscopio developed a branding workshop where we built a space for conversation and dissertation. From this workshop we built together a graphic repertoire of symbols, icons, aesthetics, colors and references of all kinds that give rise to the brand proposals developed by the design team.

After the presentation of the first proposals, the branding workshop continues in order to receive feedback from the ABC Fund team, understand the successes and channel the development of the graphic brand towards a final version.

Once the final brand is decided, the development of the brand manual begins, where all the graphic aspects that will accompany the communication are decided in order to generate a coherent and solid graphic discourse that will help the brand positioning.

The experience

For Calidoscopio it has always been a source of pride to be part of this type of projects that seek to support sustainable and inclusive agricultural value chains, offering our knowledge in order to provide development opportunities, seeking ways to use capital as a vehicle to do good.


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