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Impact Report Investing for good

"The appropriate use of capital can change the world". This is the foundational basis from which the Investing for good fund was conceived in 2004 in london. To this day, this idea continues to guide the team behind this fund, which is dedicated to intelligently using the power of finance to catalyze social value.

During 2021, investing for good entrusted our company to design part of its communication, including the 2020 Impact Report, which provided an in-depth dissertation on the policies of economic incentivism and the results achieved throughout the year. "Impact-Linked Finance Report: Does Incentivising Impact Work?"

Our work

From the beginning, Calidoscopio studied in depth the historical trajectory of the client's graphic communication to identify successes and opportunities for improvement, building a guiding document in order to unify the graphic discourse of the brand around the 2020 Impact Report and the communication towards the future. After defining the basic elements of the communication and standardizing the graphic aspects of it, the decision was made to develop a report specifically designed for a horizontal digital format for viewing on screen. In this way, emphasis can be placed on the use of photographs and graphics without incurring production and distribution costs.

Our experience

Once again, the possibility of getting involved in this type of projects enriches us enormously. It is very gratifying to be part of human teams of passionate people who are looking for alternatives for the development and improvement of conditions in the world, seeking solutions from capital to improve the lives of the people who need it most.

Knowing about this type of initiatives reminds us that there are people in the world working together to build solutions to the most complex problems in the world, putting creativity, ingenuity and capital to make a difference. Having the opportunity to contribute from our expertise fills our daily work with purpose and inspires us to continue giving our 100%.


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