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Campaign "Meet bamboo's endusers" - Banco W

Bamboo Capital Partners has worked hand in hand with Banco W to help strengthen small businesses and entrepreneurship. Bamboo found in Banco W the approach and values that this fund considers vital to improve the social impact of communities in need.

Meet bamboo's endusers - La vaca original

Banco W opens its doors to small businesses such as La vaca original, a dessert business that received support with microcredits and very low interest rates, contributing to the growth of this family project that currently generates a considerable number of jobs in the region.

Meet bamboo's endusers - Leodan

Likewise, Banco W is a fundamental tool that has provided economic foundations to micro entrepreneurs such as Leodan Alexander, who has a project called Iluminarte's

dedicated to art gallery, mirrors and marquetry that managed to expand thanks to these credits.

Our Experience

Projects like these have given us the opportunity to travel to different places and meet these people, explore their stories and learn firsthand the impact that initiatives like Banco W and Bamboo Capital Partners generate in everyday lives around the world and fill us with purpose.


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