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a deeper dive into our process

At calidoscopio, we've developed a methodology tailored to the unique needs of each client. This ensures efficiency and excellence from start to finish. Discover the details of our processes and learn about the experience of working with us. Here, you can explore our standout projects.

Congreso Nacional
Paraplejia 2023


This event served as a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences with leading professionals in paraplegia. Together, we shared a passion for improving the lives of people with reduced mobility worldwide. Collectively, we made this congress an extraordinary event. Discover the process behind it.

Finding the voice within Impact Finance

Impact Funds

In this case, we found a way to communicate Impact Finance's foundational values through pre-Hispanic culture. This was an inspiring challenge for us, as the pursuit of the mission of impact funds led us to design the brand's details in an original manner. Learn more about this project.

Connecting talent & resourses through User Experience

Branding / UXUI

With Aspecta, we developed a UX/UI project to provide educational credits in Latin America. In addition to designing the brand, we are currently working on launching the platform. Here you can learn more about the details of this project.

El Boga, Embracing Colombian Magic Realism  

Branding / Communication

Our exploration led us to the heart of Mompox, where we discovered a treasure trove of cultural richness and historical significance. Immerse yourself in the mystique of Colombian magic realism as we unveil the story behind 'El Boga,' a brand that celebrates the captivating allure of Colombian heritage.

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