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Congreso Nacional
Paraplejia 2023

Event production

This event served as a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences with leading professionals in paraplegia. Together, we shared a passion for improving the lives of people with reduced mobility worldwide. Collectively, we made this congress an extraordinary event. Discover the process behind it.

Developing the event's concept & creaiting the brand

With our profound connection to the island of Gran Canaria, the development of Paraplejia 2023 holds deep significance. This exceptional island promises an unparalleled setting for the congress, offering top-notch infrastructure and awe-inspiring vistas. In our logo design, we aimed to encapsulate Gran Canaria's essence, showcasing both its natural beauty and modern amenities as an integral part of the event's identity.

From branding to communication

Building upon this unified brand, our team successfully crafted a diverse range of communication materials essential for the event and its promotion. From digital assets to printed materials, we ensured a cohesive and impactful presence across all platforms. Our comprehensive approach guarantees a seamless experience for attendees and maximizes the event's reach and effectiveness.

Establishing a solid comunication platform and promotion strategy

For seamless event communication, we've developed a digital/web-based platform catering to all stakeholders. This platform facilitates event promotion through commercial spaces, simplifies attendee registration via an intuitive inscription page, and offers comprehensive support and information for event presenters. With our 360-degree communication and promotion strategy, we ensure the success of every event.

Commiting to make the experience count

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to crafting unique and memorable experiences tailored to the interests of all stakeholders. In this event, we showcased Paralympic sports and athletes, emphasized robotics and new technologies, and hosted social events to encourage community interaction. By integrating diverse elements, we created a multifaceted experience that resonated deeply with attendees, leaving a lasting impression.

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