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El Boga, Embracing Colombian Magic Realism  

Branding & Communication

Our exploration led us to the heart of Mompox, where we discovered a treasure trove of cultural richness and historical significance. Immerse yourself in the mystique of Colombian magic realism as we unveil the story behind 'El Boga,' a brand that celebrates the captivating allure of Colombian heritage.

Candelario Obeso

Candelario Obeso was a Colombian poet celebrated for his contributions to Afro-Colombian literature in the late 19th century. His works, notably "Cantos Populares de mi Tierra," reflect the rich cultural heritage and experiences of Afro-Colombian communities, addressing themes of identity and social justice.

Candelario Obeso's poem "El Boga" is a renowned piece within Afro-Colombian literature. It captures the essence of daily life and the struggles faced by African-descendant communities in Colombia during the late 19th century. This influential work served as inspiration for the branding design of "Casa Taller El Boga."

"Se no junde ya la luna;
Remá, remá
¿Qué hará mi negra tan sola?
Llorá, llorá
Me coge tú noche escura,
San Juan, San Juan
Escura como mi negra,
Ni má, ni má.
La lú de su s” ojo mío
Der má, der má
Lo relámpago"

El boga Ausente

Candelario Obeso

Journey to Understanding: Exploring the Roots of 'El Boga' in Mompos, Colombia

The inspiration behind the beautiful poem "El Boga" and the immersive experience in Mompos, Colombia, provided us with a deeply personal and intimate understanding of the context behind this brand and its values. Exploring the landscapes of the Magdalena Cienaga allowed us to connect with the essence of the poem and the cultural richness of the communities that inhabit this region. This firsthand experience enabled us to capture the spirit of resilience, connection to nature, and cultural heritage that are central to the "El Boga" brand.

Crafting Composition Inspired by Life Along the Magdalena River

Exploring the aesthetics of the place and the daily life of those who inhabit the waters of the Magdalena River, we experienced solitude and contemplation during the sunrise and sunset. The brief moments of peace at the end of the day or the dawn of the night, with silhouettes cutting through the low light, inspired us to create a composition that captures that feeling. As part of our commitment to maintaining a cohesive brand identity, we have developed comprehensive brand guidelines. These guidelines outline the visual elements, such as colors, typography, imagery style, and logo usage, that reflect the essence of our project.

Creating the propper communication platform

Calidoscopio crafted a dynamic website for El Boga, seamlessly integrating features to engage the local community, manage artist residencies, promote cultural events, and facilitate networking among stakeholders. With a user-friendly interface and robust content management system, the website serves as a centralized hub for El Boga's diverse cultural initiatives, enhancing its visibility and impact within the Mompox community.

Content creation

Immersed in the rich tapestry of culture and tradition, documenting and curating content for this compelling project became not just a task, but an enriching experience. Every encounter, every story shared, added layers of depth and meaning to our understanding of the project's significance. It was a profound privilege to contribute to such a unique endeavor, one that resonates with the essence of the places it represents and the people it aims to serve.

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