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Finding the voice within Impact Finance

Impact Funds

In this case, we found a way to communicate Impact Finance's foundational values through pre-Hispanic culture. This was an inspiring challenge for us, as the pursuit of the mission of impact funds led us to design the brand's details in an original manner. Learn more about this project.

Finding Inspiration in prehispanic culture and aesthetics

Our decision to draw inspiration from the Mayan alphabet for an icon system to represent business verticals stemmed from a desire to infuse the brand with cultural richness and significance. By leveraging the intricate glyphs of the Mayan writing system, we sought to establish a deeper connection with our audience, tapping into the cultural heritage of the ancient civilization.

Developing a complete graphic communication system to represent complex concepts

Our team developed a comprehensive graphic communication system inspired by the aesthetics of pre-Hispanic cultures. Honoring the rich heritage of these ancient civilizations, we crafted a system of icons and visual elements to represent complex concepts. Drawing from the intricate symbolism of pre-Hispanic art and design, our icons provided a unique and meaningful framework for conveying ideas, enriching the audience's experience with our brand.

The tree of life

The Tree of Life is a common feature in many ancient cultures around the globe representing a symbolic vertical line that connects the three realms of the Earth, heaven and underworld. The tree is also a metaphor for the connection between the diversity of all life on Earth, as the source of life. ​ Our Tree of Life combines these features with Meso-american symbols that represent our five investment verticals in its branches, while the five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that we focus on are inscribed on the trunk. Finally, intertwined with the branches we pictured Quetzalc.atl, symbolizing the regenerative businesses our Fund supports and the opportunity to relate to the living more harmoniously.

Postcard Mockup.png

Crafting Connections: Impact Finance's Original Approach to Stakeholder Engagement

We devised a groundbreaking approach for the release of Impact Finance's 2023 impact report. Leveraging the graphics we developed, we crafted postcards, meticulously produced through traditional serigraphy techniques in Cali, Colombia. These postcards served as a canvas for fund managers to inscribe personalized messages to each stakeholder by hand. Each postcard was then dispatched via traditional mail, ensuring a tangible and personalized connection with recipients.

Blending Tradition and Innovation

What sets this campaign apart is its fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. By incorporating a QR code on each postcard, stakeholders were granted direct access to the digital version of the impact report, optimized for mobile devices. This innovative blend of analog and digital mediums not only showcased the authenticity of Impact Finance's commitment to social impact but also provided stakeholders with a truly unique and memorable experience.

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