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Wellspect ACCT Spain

ACCT is the global forum for Wellspect, a pharmaceutical company in the product sector, to advance continence care together. With a holistic approach to the patient, we gain a clear vision to inspire and explore the scientific and human aspects of continence care.

Year after year, it is a company-wide global meeting where professionals from all over Europe gather to share the different visions and actions taken in Wellspect's countries of action. This year, due to the pandemic situation, the company decided to hold the event virtually and simultaneously in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, being Kaleidoscope in charge of the execution in Spain.

"Amazing and always recommended. I have known Adriana for a year and she is a great professional in everything she does."

Arancha Rodríguez

Product Manager Wellspect

What have we done?

The event lasted 3.5 hours and was executed with the streaming projection of the videos produced by the different countries, since the same translated content was projected in all of them. However, there was live interaction of the Spanish managers who made the introductions and analysis of the clinical videos.

Our role was based on the logistic execution of the event through Zoom license, webinar format, projecting the contents and executing all the controls.


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