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VIRTUAL Congress - Paraplegia 2021

The Paraplegia Congress is held annually with the purpose of presenting novelties in the medical field. In each edition, different professionals and specialists involved in spinal cord injury research are invited. Some of the topics discussed were related to new treatments for osteoporosis, new technologies, continuity of care for chronic patients.

Virtual Platform

This edition of the Paraplegia Congress 2021 was held in virtual format with the support of the Boards of SEP and ASELME through our event platform where we were able to offer two transmission rooms, a communication exhibition room, a commercial area for our collaborators and a social area for the interaction of the attendees.

  • Commercial exhibition area

  • Scientific papers exhibition area

  • Streaming rooms

  • 3D virtual booths

  • Networking with live chat


The development of these conferences is achieved with the key participation of our collaborators who, with their contribution, allow us to continue advancing in the scientific and academic development of our health professionals in order to improve the quality of life of the spinal cord injured in Spain and the world.


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