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Congreso - Iberdiscap 2021

The Ibero-American Association of Assistive Technologies for Disability, AITADIS, has its origin in a series of activities carried out since 1991 in the countries of the Ibero-American Community, which have been related to research, development, dissemination, use and general promotion of devices and services of a technological nature in order to alleviate the functional limitations associated with different types of disabilities with the aim of achieving greater welfare for people with these special needs.

2021 has been the first year in which the Association has faced the virtual organization of a congress since in 2020, the decision was not to hold any congress.

What have we done?

AITADIS is a small Association, its congresses usually gather between 60 and 70 attendees. On this occasion, we had 67 attendees who connected through the Zoom platform. Our work was technical support, hiring the Zoom software license to run an event in Webinar format.

  • Recording of lectures

  • Technical execution

  • Technical support

The congress, which lasted 2 days, was executed with the streaming projection of the presentations that were recorded in advance and the live interaction of the moderators and speakers for the round tables in which all the questions asked by the congress participants were answered.


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