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Association of Private Gynecologists and Obstetricians of the Canary Islands - GINETOP

With our extensive experience in event management and communication in the medical field, we have had the opportunity to advise numerous institutions and associations. We are pleased to know that we have been instrumental in the advancement of the disciplines they address and have even had the privilege of empowering groups of professionals and encouraging them to found new associations to collaborate and advance their respective disciplines.

Our client

In this sense, we are currently advising the Association of Private Gynecologists and Obstetricians of the Canary Islands (GINETOP), a new association that seeks to promote knowledge and discussion of aspects of Medical Science specific to their specialty, offer general criteria for action on current issues, promote public disclosure of issues of general interest, unite and contact all gynecologists and gynecologists in private care, and make visible the training, care and innovation activity that is carried out in the private sector in their community.

The Conference

We have recently collaborated with the Association of Private Gynecologists and Obstetricians of the Canary Islands, GINETIOP, in the organization of its first two conferences. These events brought together professionals from the medical sector to discuss current issues and encourage collaboration in the advancement of the discipline. These conferences are the beginning of a new era of collaboration between the association and Kaleidoscope, allowing us to advise and improve its communication in all its channels to strengthen cohesion among its members and advance the discipline. It is important to highlight the excellent relationship that Calidoscopio has with collaborators in the pharmaceutical industry, who make these events possible, and our certification by the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies (FENIN), ensuring that our events are governed by high ethical standards and that we always keep in mind the primary objective of improving the lives of patients.

In summary

We are pleased to be able to help GINETOP establish a solid foundation for your organization by providing advice on idea conception, logistics, supplier sourcing, budget management, communication design, commercial space sales and technical management of the event. We look forward to collaborating with GINETOP and helping them achieve their goals of promoting and disseminating the specialty, as well as fostering collaboration and innovation.


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