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El Boga - Casa Taller

The client

This is a foundation in tribute to the tradition and crafts of the Momposino people. Our objective is to develop cultural, academic and artistic activities that promote dialogue and social commitment between the local community and its visitors.

Brand design

Mompox is a beautiful town located in the department of Bolívar, Colombia. Known for its well-preserved colonial architecture and rich history, Mompox is a popular destination for national and international tourists. Recently, we have carried out a brand design for "El Boga", a cultural foundation that works to promote cultural exchange between local people and visitors. For the design of the brand, we were inspired by the colonial aesthetics and river culture that are characteristic elements of Mompox, as well as the sunsets and sunrises that are impressive in the area.

The web design

We have had the pleasure of designing the EL BOGA website, a cultural project that required presenting both its cultural program and the residency program and the accommodation service that helps support its activities. To achieve this, we designed a clean, minimalist website that evokes the architecture of the house, allowing graphic production, video and photos to bring color and life to the communication.

The main challenge was to create a coherent and attractive design that effectively conveyed the brand's identity and message. By leaving space for graphic, video and photo production, an engaging visual experience was created that highlights relevant content and helps communicate the brand identity.


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