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Hedblom Capital - Página web

The client

Hedblom is a Swiss investment advisory house that focuses on mobilizing capital to support responsible businesses in Latin America. The organization values leadership as a service to others rather than to oneself and therefore prioritizes courage over comfort. The organization invites people to embark on a unique journey of self-discovery and bring out the best of their human essence.

The concept

The web design project for Hedblo Capital, a Swiss impact fund specialized in Latin America, aims to represent the cultural and human richness of both places using two iconic mountains: Mont Blanc and Fitz Roy. Through subtly animated headers, the website seeks to transport the visitor to these places, showing the majesty of Latin America and Europe at the same level. The web design seeks to highlight the potential and importance of these two remote places, creating an attractive and memorable visual experience for the user.

Finally, we would like to thank Mariano Undank for trusting our team and allowing us to creatively develop this project with total freedom and confidence. We are very proud of the results obtained and hope that the website will help to spread the values and objectives of the investment fund in Latin America.


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