We are inspired by the work of those who want to make the world a better place. What began as an attempt to explain the achievements of several foundations and showcase their impact around the world, ended up being one of the most rewarding experiences we had as a company.



We have had the opportunity to manage and host some of the biggest national medical congresses in Spain, offering our services from the conception of the graphic identity of the event, to the management of its promotion, providers, inscriptions, spaces and activities in an effort to provide the best experience for academic and commercial purposes. 

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Event concept

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Supplier contracting

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Design and communication

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Budget management

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Participants registration

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Photo and video documentation



We work hand in hand with our clients to build and reflect the brand’s coherent personality from its conception and throughout its communication digging deep into the origin story and the passion behind the team.



We develop new media solutions to further the channels of communication between the brands and their clients opening new alternatives of interaction through innovating web pages, mobile application, and other formats.


Other Services

We encourage our clients to think about their brand and explore new formats to create content to further the communication and enrich the brand, expressing their sentiment and purpose and reaching new clients in a more profound and personal way. 


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