We are a graphic design and communication studio based in Gran Canaria, Spain. Our task is to create original solutions for communication challenges in a wide range of projects that involve passionate people around the world. We are in the business of imagining the future we want to live in.

Two visible figures stand out as creative and logistic forces for calidoscopio, coordinating efforts and teams in an effective manner to solve your communication needs.

Adriana Méndez

Adriana Mendez


Logistics guru,

volleyball coach and player.

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Daniel Gónima

Daniel Gónima

Art Director

Creativity enthusiast

and compulsive traveler.

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The caribbean-like paradise in Europe #ForEverSummer

We are Based
in Gran Canaria


The Gran Canaria, a small island closer to Africa than to Europe, became the spearhead for the discovery and conquest of America during the 16th century. Some years ago it became the starting point of our world conquest. Since then, we have been working with companies and individuals all over Spain, the EU, the US and beyond. 

This beautiful place also allows us to offer competitive prices due to the economic incentives that the Spanish government offer for this territory to promote its economy and companies of small and medium size like ours.

When in Gran Canaria, try #Mojocanario


We work


We excel when building strong teams with our clients. It is the best way we know to approach every challlenge and materialise ideas. Our daily routine consists in coordinating efforts of teams all over the world, so we know how to work remotely. We are also strongly enticed to work in-location and meet with our clients.

We find inspiration everywhere #MorroDeSaoPaulo

Willing to join any

endeavour, anywhere


Borders or time zones are irrelevant for us. The world is within our reach, and we want to keep touring it as long as possible. This makes us remember that right now there is a sunrise #SomeWhereInTheWorld


We believe in the

power of connecting talent


Although our company is small, we work with an international, interdisciplinary team of professionals extended around the globe. Let's meet!

Our Clients

We are very proud and honor by the people that have relayed on our company to be part of their projects, trusting us to further their communication and spread their message throughout this world. We are working hard to widen this family, reaching new clients and finding new interesting endeavors for us to be part of. Here are some of our current clients.


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