Lui Nakamura is a brand of handcraft jewelry inspired in the combine esthetics of both Japanese and Colombian culture. 


Inspired on the Kamones (Ancient standards of the Japanese families) the LUI NAKAMURA brand is an icon, an abstract of the Guayan’s Flower made into a strong and powerful design accompanied by an elegant but simple typography.

The Guayacan Flower 

Although very far in distance, there are some similarities in the landscapes of Japan and the Valle del Cauca. The seasonal flowers both in Japan and in Colombia fill the eyesight with colors. As the cherry blossom in Japan, in Colombia, the Guayacanes dress the landscape with the elegant contrast of their dark branches and colorful flowers.


Finding inspiration
in Ukiyo-e traditional


In order to build a rich graphic identity around the brand, this design includes a series of illustrations based on Colombia typical flowers. The style of this illustration was inspired by the aesthetics of ancient Ukiyo-e Japanese art trying to resemble those characteristics of colours and lines in a more modern way.


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