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Adriana Méndez

Adriana Mendez

CEO calidoscopio

Hi, we are Calidoscopio, a Communication and Marketing Agency in Spain with a senior experience with a close relationship with the Health sector. In response to the current crisis, we have evolved to design, promote and execute digital meetings in order to maintain contact between healthcare professionals, laboratories and patients.

Keep relating and collaborating,

is more important today than ever.


Digital presentations of scientific, academic or topics of interest. 


Small groups for academic training, development of recreational activities or skills through virtual platforms.


Virtual discussion spaces between 2 or more professionals dealing with current issues.


Development of national and regional congress / events from digital platforms with all the traditional experience of face-to-face congress from your home.

360º service to digital events



  • We define the message and concept of the event

  • We identify the target audience

  • We logistically structure the event

  • We create the image

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  • We develop the digital promotional pieces

  • We carry out a call campaign through email, digital platforms and social networks

  • We manage the registration process

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  • We provide all the digital infrastructure

  • We train the speakers in the use of the tool

  • We supervise the correct development of the meeting offering immediate support

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  • We carry out an audio-visual record of the event

  • We send a satisfaction survey to attendees

  • We deliver a results report

complementary services


Conference Kit

Home delivery of event-related material such as free samples, sponsor material or gifts.

Social virtual rooms

Virtual spaces before or after the event for socialization and networking between attendees and speakers or speakers and collaborating company.

Advice on telemedicine

Training professionals in the use of basic tools for the proper development of an effective telemedicine service.


Playful spaces between sessions to liven up the development of the virtual event in order to recreate a traditional congress where the lived experience leaves a great memory in memory.

eBooks design

Home or online delivery before or after the event of educational material such as a summary book of the presentations or product use manual with free samples.

Proofreading for academic publications

Training professionals for the proper development of a digital presentation.

Websites design

Design and development of the official website of the event with the characteristics that the sponsoring company requests and providing it with all the necessary functionalities to fully recreate a traditional congress on digital platforms.

Sensorial experience Kit

Home delivery of original details that provide a 360º experience during the virtual development of the congress for speakers and / or attendees.

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