This is a project that pays tribute to the culture, history and people of Mompox. It aims to introduce this beautiful small town to the world and bring value to its inhabitants through cultural exchange, artistic expression and social development projects.

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This ambitious cultural exchange initiative takes place under the roof of a Spanish colonial-style house, in the historic center of the city.

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Video Campaign

After a thorough exploration of Mompox and experiencing its people and places we were able to develop a series of documentary and artistic videos conceived to launch its website.

Photo Documentation

The work we have been able to do with El Boga includes photo and video documentation of the activities and events that have taken place at the foundation, offering a great deal of material for the foundation's communication. 

Audio and

video production


Being part of this project has allowed us to follow closely all the foundation's activities, being able to offer our services of audio and video production to show case the talent of the people involved.

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