There is an excess of misleading information on the Internet. We invite everyone to consume and share information wisely and prudently. We cannot contribute to the noise. 

Health Authorities
The official site of the World Health Organization provides daily updates on the development of the pandemic.

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Independent news outlets
Follow and support independent news to be informed. Avoid corporate media with economical and political agendas. 

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Recommendations for an effective home-office and coping with quarantine.

For many of us, working from home has been a daily routine for many years, so there are a few tips that we can share.

  • Have a schedule

  • Make you bed every morning

  • Start your day with a work out and/or meditation.

  • Enjoy a good cup of Colombian coffee (optional)

  • Use tools for task management and time tracking as Asana and Toggl. 

  • Have some time for personal projects. Work on yourself, study, learn something new.

  • Take your time to remember someone special of how grateful you are for having them in your life.

Also remember

We are going through a complex and difficult situation but it is very likely that you are (just like us) one of the lucky ones and that there are lots of people out there in an up-hill battle for survivor.  So:

  • Be grateful

  • Care for others

  • Support local businesses

  • Contribute to charities 

  • Facetime your grandma

  • Don't complain about staying home and #STAYHOME

  • also wash your hands


Basic information about Covid 19
Here you can find some of the most helpful and interesting information we have found about Covid 19 from reliable sources.

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