We all need
a coffee break

We have invited friends, family and colleagues, people from different backgrounds and professions, to this 30 minutes digital meeting point to share, socialize and give feedback on ideas, experiences, and initiatives. And why not? have a coffee together. 


Daniel Gónima

Date pending

Oficial launch of calidoscopio's Coffee break. Why have we decided to come up with this space and how can you be part of it.

Natalia Gónima

Date pending

In Colombia, the small business digital transformation has taken long enough. Its time to do something about it. www.ministerioweb.co

Ximena Escobar

Date pending

Ximena Escobar tells us about her latest project El Boga Casa Taller, a cultural space that pays homage to Mompox and its people. 

Kristofer Wijkström

Date pending

Take your relationship with food to a new level with an App that understands your cravings. Yummy - The mood-based, food seeker, match maker.

J.J. Muñóz

Date pending

Writer and professor from Bogota, J.J. Muñoz shares with us some of his latest short stories told through the reflection of a hair saloon mirror. 

Laura Escobar

Date pending

How to cope with the pandemia. Understand this unprecedented situation from the standpoint of mental health. Q&A with the profesional. 

Juan Gónima

Date pending

Nutrition advise in times of pandemia. This might be the best moment for you to revisit your eating habits. Easy tips to improve your diet. Q&A with the profesional. 

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Adriana Mendez

Director General, Strategy and Volleyball Coach/Player

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Daniel Gónima

Art & UX Director, Compulsive traveler

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