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We are proud to present the new Bamboo Capital Partners Impact Report. We continue our evolution process, finding new ways to communicate and present the brand, always looking for an effective communication.

We had the opportunity to travel to the city of Cali in Colombia and meet some of the end users of Bamboo. We were able to learn about their lives and understand the impact that Bamboo investments generate in Latin America 

Diseño Editorial para Bamboo Capital Partners

In 2018 we had the opportunity to work on the Bamboo Impact Report and visit his team in the City of Geneva in Switzerland, to learn more about their perspective on impact investing.

Diseño Editorial para Bamboo Capital Partners
Diseño Editorial para Bamboo Capital Partners

Building strong relation with our clients allows us to engage in a growing, and evolving process in which we discover better, more efficient ways to communicate our clients message. 

In 2017 we worked together with the Bamboo Capital Partners team to structure and publish the Impact Report. This is how we got started in the world of impact funds, sharing with passionate people determined to build a fairer world.

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